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I'm soo done with these guys lol seriously Ado had not stopped teasing me since they debuted and I'm soo done! how much money does a girl have to pay to see that beautiful face of his because if money is what they want I'll pay tons to see Ados face😂 no but in all honesty i think we've all waited long enough soo Ado come on down you are the next contestant on Show us your face😂😂
I know your beautiful buddy no need to hide it anymore lol
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@Jiyongixoxo @glo86 Jelly P is my bias wrecker for this group
Yaho stole my heart of the group. Ado is right behind him though. @destiny1419 @Jiyongixoxo
@glo86 yaho is soo adorable! I love them all but jelly bean is just too adorable and when he does ayego it melts my soul lol
Hey my daughters are huge a6p fans does anybody know what happened to them? They haven't released any new songs other than face off. Can someone help me out im worried that they might break my tv in the endless search for a6p.
They disbanded
@dreemer13 they all have instagram I think they are just back to training for now hopefully they comeback soon