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Soo idk if you guys are as Jiyongi trash as I am and noticed that GD hasn't posted any pics or videos of his lovely face in awhile. Well finally! Finally my love shared a video and I feel that my heart is complete again haha seriously I'm beyond jiyong trash at this point so I sadly have nothing better to do with life then to sit and wait to see his beautiful face(I feel empty without my daily dose of GD ) ๐Ÿ˜‚ so enjoy my loves beautifulness I know I did!
@thePinkPrincess #TrashSquad lol
its okay Marisol lol we all know ur Jiyongi trash just like how I'm Jin trash. We can be trash together XD
@Jiyongixoxo Ahaha. I was so relieved when he posted the picture of Mari, too. No, we are stalkers at all... We're just concerned with his wellbeing.
@Helixx I know I thought he died at one point but then he posted a video of his cat then I was like he's good haha
I sure as hell noticed and was very happy to see his post. You know he isn't feeling well when he's not posting. Though, you can tell he's still not 100% yet. He's alive though, so we have one more thing to be grateful for!