3 years ago500+ Views I am not mean like that!! But no I kinda did this in my last card....I mentioned that Rin would probably help cook.....ahhh well I have to think of something or someone else to cook my meal!!!
Hmm....*is thinking very hard* I would have to choose......Claude Faustus (cant remember how to spell his last name) People give more credit to Sebastian because we actually see him cooking for Ciel....but Claude is also a butler and he cooks for Alois!!! I am sure that he would cook amazing....albeit with his bad and quite creepy attitude.... He is just really letting that demon side of him show.....always telling Alois how he is hungry and how delicious it will be.... ugh I just gave myself the shivers.... Anyways....I would love to have him cook my meal while he judges everything I do..... Just showing my Claude love....also to Alois!! Tagging @VinMcCarthy @ArmyofKookie @CreeTheOtaku @Emealia
stop hating on my claude
@CreeTheOtaku Yeah true...creeped me out in the beginning and he dances fabulous for a demon
@LaqondaHope Heh sorry i still love him but you know all demon butlers are creepy in their own way
but he's good at dancing so I'll let it slide
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