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So, I've been running this short challenge of which team is going to end their streak first! Are the Warriors going to lose their first game or are the Phillies going to win their first game?

Well, the Warriors are still undefeated and the 76ers are still winless!

And they will both be playing tomorrow; the Warriors against the Phoenix Suns and the 76ers versus the Houston Rockets!

Here are the sports community members who guessed (let's not say bet) that the Warriors will lose their first game before the 76ers win their first one!

Anyone else want to join them?

And here are the members who thought the 76ers will win their first game before the Warriors lose their first one!

Anyone with them?
And I bet @BossDominata can attest to this one, but the 76ers were mad close in finishing their losing streak against the Celtics last time, but the Celtics pulled away in the end! It was an exciting game!
And as we all know, the Curry vs Kobe matchup ended pretty one-sided when the Warriors crushed the Lakers, 111-77.

You guys can still all join in the fun before the 76ers game starts tomorrow! And we'll keep the conversation going during the two games as well if anyone wants a live update!

Also if you haven't seen my challenge cards yet, you guys can check out these two cards: [VOTE] Warriors or 76ers? and [CHALLENGE] 76ers vs Warriors !
And yes, I agree that's going to be a huge test!
@Darlin972 Oh now...I did not know that. Thanks for checking the schedule!
They are 17-0!!!!
Holy cow...anyone watch the Golden State game?????
Well the 76ers lost once score: 116-114!
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