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Looking like QUITE the gentleman!
Hehe,I love that he has a thing about nibbling on people. Something we have in common. LOL It's cute when he does it. My family doesn't feel the same when I do it!
He has super cute friendships with most of the members but he and Kyungsoo playing around is my favorite! Too Cute!
Super talented musician. I never get tired of watching him play the guitar. The faces he makes, OMO.
Normal, I see him as everyone favorite big ear cutie pie. With the contagious smile! But sometimes...........
BAM!!!!!!! LOL!
And don't get me started on how cute he is with glasses!
Well I think I have bragged about this cutie pie birthday boy enough. credit to owners of pics
Happy bday little happy virus man you!
Omg he's too perfect @Tigerlily84 thanks for tagging me!!!
Chanyeol oppa makes me laugh 😂
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