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Sorry, Please, and Thank You:

They're probably the most important words to learn in ANY language (especially if you're going to be travelling there!)

Here are a few ways to say "I'm Sorry" in Korean!

Excuse Me:

저기요! - (chyeo-gi-yo)

Grabbing someone's attention. You can use this in restaurants to get the waitress' attention to order or to call out to someone if they dropped their wallet, etc.

잠시만요 - (jam-shi-man-yo)

Pardon me, coming through! If you're on a crowded train trying to push your way towards the door, just say this while motioning that you want to get by.


죄송합니다 - (chwae-sohng-ham-ni-da)

Sorry! Use this more formally. If you bump into someone on the street, spill your drink, etc. Used for strangers and for thing you really need to apologize for.

미안해요 - (mi-an-hae-yo)

Sorry! Slightly less formal and for less huge apologies. Little mistakes and accidents with people you know.

미안 - (mi-an)

Sorry! You can use this with friends for little things like "미안 I'm late!" or if you step on their foot :D Tiny sorries!

Easy right!?

@shantalcamara SAAAWWRRYYY
@misssukyi yep 잠깐만 means hold on a sec! :D
@anhtran035 correct! you use it for excuse me when you mean "just a sec!" like saying "sorry please move out of my way for a second" hahaha
when I hear excuse me I hear cheon seong in my love from another star
thank you for this! your cards help me so kuch!
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