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Korea is known for it's amazing snack culture.

Here are a few great terms you need to know to GET YOUR SNACK ON in Korean ;D

1. 붕어빵 (boong-eo-bbang)

This is a pastry shaped like a fish and filled with sweet red bean. You can also get it filled with ice cream during the summer!

2. 김밥 (kim-bap)

Veggies and whatever filling you want wrapping in rice and seaweed. You can also get it in a triangle shape to eat it with your hands, called "삼각김밥 (sam-gak kim-bap)" aka Triangle Kimbap :D
Examples: 김치김밥 - Kimchi kimbap참치김밥 - Tuna kimbap소고기김밥 - Beef kimbap

3. 라면 (Ra-myeon)

Ramen! You can buy this for less than $1 at convenience stores and you can microwave it or just add boiling water right there at the convenience store :D A ramen and a kimbap is a common (big) snack.

4. 피자 (Pi-ja)

Pizza! Korean pizza is typically sweeter than most pizzas and you can even get the crust filled with sweet potato!

5. 과자 (kwa-ja)

Snacks! Korea has a TON of chips, cookies, and munchies that are usually just called "과자" in general. This year "Honey Butter Chips" were the latest hot snack ;D

Now let's EAT!

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@oxSoZeroxo @Konaa I tried them once and the after taste was naaaasty hahahaha and OMG YES RED BEAN YAAAS
The chips have a nasty aftertaste? :0 I suppose we just have to stick with all the red been goodies then XD Has anyone tried danpatbbang?
@JaselGalindo pusheen take 2 hahahha
@Konaa YES ITS SO GOOD! There is also a bread filled with sweet green bean that tastes just as yummy!!
@kpopandkimchi yasssssss omo he us so cute and fluffly I love pusheen! I have 4 pysheen plushies! sooooo cuteeeeee