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It's no shocker to any of us that watch the show that Sterling Archer loves to drink. He's got some sort of bottle in his hand at least once in every episode, and you know that he's definitely not the only one in the agency who does.

Uh, Pam? We think you've had enough.

To launch the community's 'Archer' fan club with its very first game, I've decided we should start by creating our very own...

Archer Drinking Game!

What do you notice that happens constantly in every episode? Is it a certain phrase or a certain action? Or maybe something subtle you've picked up on that no one has?

Here's an example:

"Take a shot when someone says 'Sploosh!'"

Comment below with what ELSE deserves its own shot, and if you can think of more than one, keep 'em coming.

Let's do ISIS proud and get crunk!

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drink when there is a wacky animal adventure or mention
2 years ago·Reply
Take 2 drinks when you hear Archers voice mail
2 years ago·Reply
Take a shot each time someone mentions the "Danger Zone!!!!"
2 years ago·Reply
take a shot when Archer goes "Lana... Lana.... LANA!!"
2 years ago·Reply
every time someone on screen drinks, you drink
2 years ago·Reply