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Greetings my fellow Mercs with mouths, I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your friends and family. Good food good company, who does not love that! ✨ Well, while I was making the Merc's with mouths Happy Thanksgiving card an idea popped into my head and I wanted the Mercs with mouths to weigh in on it! More information on that in the minute... ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ As you know in the Marvel Community I'm the resident Deadpool except I am not a man, I don't un alive people and I don't try to hump everything walking or sliding . So the leaders of the awesome Marvel Community is @shannonl5 and her back up is @amobigbang. The are super nice and can help you make cards and answer any questions in the Marvel Community. I respect Vingle and our community guild lines and also rules that have been set by our lovely admin. I myself kinda did a "merger" and took over Deadpool and so far our community Admin and support team has not duct taped my mouth shut I'll be honest with you my Mercs, I am not an Admin but like @shannonl5 said, I am like our Marvel Community Deadpool! I don't mind at all

✨ L A Von York 's editors note : Remember comment on the post that you want your named removed from the Mercs with mouths tags. I absolutely respect everyone and I do not want to annoy anyone with a bunch of Deadpool, Deadpool Corps, Deadpool run ins (Deadpool featuring anyone from Marvel or DC) and basically anything Deadpool related!

✨ My Vingle community that happen to see any Deadpool related posts and would like to be with the Mercs with mouths list, please comment and say you like to be added or DM so I can include you in future post ! ✨ Current Mercs with mouths, if you make any cards that are Deadpool related please tag @lavonyork so I can add it to the.... "Deadpool makes me laugh" collection! If you want to follow the collection here is the link.
✨ So since we are the Mercs with mouths, Deadpool's super secret elite team of awesome in the Marvel and DC Communities. Yea Mercs we should totally take over lol . I would like you to help me pick out a "signing out" logo for the Mercs with mouths! I am going to put up a few that I made and I would like you to comment below which you like best and what do you think would represent the Mercs with mouths crew! Also if you want to make your own logo please put the link in the post so everyone can take a peak! So the rules are is that it should say Mercs with mouths and have Deadpool, Deadpool Corps or Deadpool's logo... Of course nothing offense and porn related. We have to respect our younger viewers that might be apart of the Mercs or on Vingle in general.. Vingle pretty much likes things to stay PG 13 ✨ This logo creation vote will be going on until Monday evening, I understand that people might be out with family or shopping Black Friday! So I want to give the crew time below are a few I made so you guys can vote on these and/make your own so we all can weigh in on the sign off!
1, this is the one I used earlier today for Turkey day! Personal favorite
Number 2 pew pew!
Number 3 the shooting gallery!
Number 4 featuring some of the Corps
Number 5 the teddy bear and gun, typical Deadpool
✨ Okay so you saw above a few that I have made, and I am welcoming to your designs if you are interested, just remember make the card and post the link in this one or tag me @lavonyork and I will post the link for you! ✨ Future plans for the Mercs after this we so have to do another meet and greet! I wanna get to know ya! I wanna know your name! Lol
Note : photos used in this post does not belong to me, however the text covering does belong to me. I give full created to the artist of the photos used in above and below article
3 or 4 for me
I'm digging number 4
@s92pk our marvel admin @shannonl5 made a wonderful collection on how to make cards etc here is the link to her collection http://www.vingle.net/collections/3634603?cshsrc=v This should give you the tools on how to make a card. Also the information she provided works accross all Vingle communities as well As for making designs, you would have to have a program on your phone or pc. If you Google it, sometimes you might come accross a site that let's you put words on photos, like a Meme generator. I hope that helps you out some. I myself am not on a PC because it decided to die. So I use my cellphone with comes with a bunch of its own limitations.
looking at Raphael made Me lol hard XD Bad Ass dead pool.
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