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Would You Buy This NYC Cabbie Pin-Up Calendar?
You've visited the Big City. You've been in a taxi. You've had these guys take you from Upper Manhattan to the Lower East Side. But have you considered them the centerfold-worthy sex symbols they truly are? Have you basked in their beauty, become captivated by their alluring charm, reveled in their robust wealth of body hair?

Well, thanks to the 2016 New York City Taxi Drivers calendar, you'll have a place for them all year round - both on your wall and in your heart.

www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
The calendar, priced at $14.99, is a charity project created in a partnership between NYC taxi drivers and University Settlement, the city's oldest settlement house that has been providing education, housing, and literacy programs to immigrants and low-income individuals and families since 1886.

How could you not want this? I mean, check out Golam's lusty gaze. He made it all the way to the city from Bangladesh to make your wildest dreams come true. You can't say no to that.

And, of course, what would any 12-month calendar be without a seasonally-appropriate Mr. October? I VANT TO BUY THIS CALENDAR, AND I VANT TO BUY IT NOW.

If these cabbie pin-ups have successfully wet your appetite, check out more outtakes and video footage at their official Facebook page.
(Also, apparently the code BFRI will take 15% off your calendar order. This isn't a paid endorsement or anything. I just really want you all to have more half-naked cabbies in your life.)

So now I want to know: This calendar - best idea ever or worst idea ever? (Don't let my obvious bias sway your opinion.)

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