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Today is the wonderful Park Chanyeol's birthday >< and as a way to celebrate, let's take a look of how he's changed throughout the years shall we?
Oh my goodness. look at this adorable baby! happy baby with Yoda ears. There's no denying that this baby is our beloved happy virus ^^
Omg this chubby little boy and his ferret lol . apparently he was involved in a ferret club
his pre debut and debut days. Though he's grown taller (and recently buffer) he's always had the same adorable face. More of the awkward days when he was new to the life of an idol.
I'm so proud of chanyeol and his accomplishments, he's so talented and hasn't lost site of his morals. He truly cares for and loves all of his members. He's grown so much ㅠㅠ physically and mentally, he's gone from a cute baby to a grown handsome and still cute man. I wish for him to have many more happy birthdays in the future, and for him to succeed in anything he does. He deserves it, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY OUR HAPPY VIRUS. Always stay the happy and positive chanyeol you are, we love you^^
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Idk how I posted the same before and after pic but it happened lol