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Kanichiwa Minna! (←did I say that right? cx) I have come to talk about my most relatable character. She is *drum roll* ...Taiga Aisaka! Why? Taiga has so much depth to her. Despite her tsundere ways, deep down inside she has feelings that she just can't string together. Often she is confused and doesn't know where life is taking her. I can relate because like Taiga, I also never know how to string my feelings together. Love confuses me like it does for her. She contemplates life a lot. She may appear to be strong and independent at first, but once you get to know her you can find she really is just overall confused and unsure of her life situations. She wants to know where life is taking her. Even though she's tsundere, if you look deeper you will find she is quite normal. I think she has a lovely personality and good heart (yes... even though she is quite brutal to Ryuuji ;P) She even looks a lot like me, short with curly chestnut hair. And um yeah. There you have it. My most relatable character!! c: Anime: Toradora
thats deep
i can relate to her sooooo much like i see myself in her i completely love her and she is my favorite character too
toradora, one of my all time favs
Tch. Yeah. I look a lot like her too.