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Price: KRW 12000 (approx USD 12) Net Content: 0.56g Available Color: Hawaiian Orange Deep Sea Blue Leaf Green Gold Shine The product is really compact because the sharpener comes together with the pencil :) I really like the series of these colors because they are really suitable for spring and summer colors. If you see my picture, I use the Gold Shine without any other eye liner or eye shadow, it turns out really good. Rather than eyeliner, it turns out like a pearl eye shadow. After that, I picked deep sea blue because I think it looks good with the gold shine that I put earlier (My eye lashes was kinda blueish too but yeah, I haven't put any mascara yet, so I believe it will get better after I put some hahaha). Next combination is leaf green with hawaiian orange color. I apply the green color on the eyelid first, and put the orange color at the top of the green one (see picture). On the top of all, this is waterproof! Really good for your spring/summer outdoor activities!
I Want this ^^
u should buy!!! it's a little bit overpriced i think ...but u see?? the colors are so nice!!!
these colors are so bold. I like them, but i don't think I could wear them out anywhere :(
Some of my friends use this one, they recommended it to me lots of time:)