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These ones were really fun to do. The link to the pattern is at the end. The most important part was keeping the stitches consistent so you get the gloves looking the same and the ribbing/double crochets the same. They probably took about 12 hours or so? hard to tell because I was watching anime while doing them :)
here's a better picture of it.
I guess the best part of this is how snuggly it fits but that depends on how tight you make your double crochets.
I would say it's a fairly easy project, here's where I got the pattern. I'd say it's a pretty good project for winter time, keeps my hands nice and toasty while crocheting other projects :D https://m.box.com/shared_item/https%3A%2F%2Fapp.box.com%2Fs%2F3upeab0h0a0y2jaill2y Happy crocheting!
@ButterflyBlu it took me probably a little over a month, mostly because I got frustrated that my stitches/crochets were coming out super uneven, although I started out with wanting to make a stuffed animal so that was a bit more challenging than just a scarf, and it took some time to get all the materials I needed. (you can check out some of my stuffed animals on my crochet page)
@ButterflyBlu I just looked up tutorials on YouTube until I figured it out. It takes a lot of time initially because each person does it a slightly different way. But I think for me the most important part was not being afraid to unravel it and start over if its not looking right. :D
@PikaPixie I've considered teaching myself that way. I really should considering how much I love crocheted items... And how much money I spend on them! How long did it take you to learn? I bet it's relaxing, too!
I wish I could crochet! These are super cute! <3