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Actor Yoo Ah In reveals his character as King Sukjoon will be seen as the bad guy of the drama "Jang Ok Jung" Yoo Ah In says, “King Sukjoon will struggle and agonize with his love for Jang Ok Jung, as well as being a powerful figure. Because of this he will be seen as a bad man.” He added, “at first, it was hard for me to understand him, I couldn’t follow him. I wasn’t able to pull his attainable look. I started to worry a lot about it. I always take a new character in a drama, as a challenge, and now I will try my best to perform and show my own King Sukjoon.” Considering that he always plays sexy badass characters, I think he will be perfect! I can't wait for it premiere in April 8th!
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he is a bad guy isn't he the main character the crown prince I d r k I only watch 1st 2 so correct me thgh if I m wrong lol he iz cute