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Guys we need to stop this man!

Who is this man? You ask.............this man right here......the man who is gonna get me in sooooo much trouble ........the man who ruins my life every single day ........... Hyun Ho!!! I've just about had it at this point I'm tired of waking up everyday and pretty much dying because of him , he's bad for my health and probably his own because he's soo good looking! Like can you not be this attractive for once I'm a loyal person and Jiyongi is the man for me so why must you try to ruin that with your gorgeous chiseled from the gods body, your perfect tattoos , your perfect face! Hyun ho please please stop beating so beautiful I love it too much and I don't think Jiyongi would appreciate my ogling at your loveliness 😂

And if you're wondering why I died this morning you may slide to the next photo just be warned what you see will not be unseen and it may jeopardize your life state and your bias list

@Jiyongixoxo thank you lol
@marisamusic I'll make sure we play lovely tunes at your funeral lol
I think... I'm dying
@Jiyongixoxo well you completed your mission lol
@Jiyongixoxo why did you do this?! lol my insides are all conflicted now. I feel your pain.
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