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Verbs: Conditional Perfect
The conditional perfect (el condicional anterior) is a combination of the past participle and the conditional of the verb haber. The conditional perfect describes an action in the past that "would have" happened but did not due to some other event. It can also be used to express probability of an action that has already been completed. Habría + past participle (conditional haber + past participle)
Habría: would have (yo habría/tú habrías/él habría/nosotros habríamos/vosotros habríais/ellos habrían)
Abierto: opened
Descubierto: discovered
Vuelto: returned
Utilizado: used
Logrado: been able to
Dirigido: managed/directed/led 디리히도
Los pájaros habrían vuelto el año pasado: the birds would have returned last year
Ellas habrían descubierto la casa: they would have discovered the house
Yo habría logrado hablar con ellos: i would have been able to talk with them
Él habría abierto la puerta: he would have opened the door
Nosotros habríamos utilizado el agua: we would have used the water
Yo habría dirigido la biblioteca: i would have managed the library
Nosotros habríamos utilizado el coche de mis padres: we would have utilized my parents' car
Yo la habría abierto con mis dientes: I would have opened it with my teeth
Ellas habrían descubierto la verdad de la historia: they would have discovered the truth about the story
Nosotros no lo habríamos logrado sin ustedes: we would not have achieved it without you
El policía habría dirigido el tráfico después del concierto: the police officer would have directed traffic after the concert
Considerado: considered
Dicho: said
Escrito: written
Formado: formed/made
Cambiado: changed
Elegido: chosen
Yo lo habría cambiado todo: I would have changed everything
Habrían considerado un deporte diferente: they would have considered a different sport
Ellos habrían formado un buen equipo: they would have made a good team
Es algo que yo jamás habría elegido, pero gracias: it is something that i would have never chosen, but thank you
Yo habría dicho que no: i would have said no
Ellos habrían escrito esa carta: they would have written that letter
La autora habría escrito sobre el tema antes: the author would have written about the subject before
Yo te habría dicho: i would have told you
Ustedes habrían elegido no comer: you would have chosen not to eat
Yo habría considerado ese hotel: I would have considered that hotel
Ella habría formado un instituto: she would have formed an institute
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