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Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's officially time to decorate your house for the holidays or for Christmas! One of the best ways to decorate your living space is with these cute string balloon snowmen! This DIY tutorial comes from the wonderfully creative people at Wonderful DIY.


For this project, you will need:
-- Balloons
-- Glue (Elmer's glue works perfectly)
-- White yarn
-- Black yarn
-- Black buttons or googly eyes
-- Hat or scarf (optional)
-- Orange construction paper (for the nose)
-- Hot-glue gun and glue stick
-- Bowl
You can find all of these items at a craft store.

Wrap the string around the balloons

Blow up the balloons. Make them three different sizes for the different sizes of the snow balls for the snowman. (If you want to use string balls as arms too, make two extra smaller balloons for the arms.) Pour the glue into a bowl. Then, take the yarn or string and dip it into the bowl so that the entire piece of string is covered in glue. Then, wrap the glue-covered string around the balloon, as shown in the picture above. Do this with all of the balloons. Let the glue-covered string dry completely.

Glue the string balls together

After the glue-covered string balls have dried, pop the balloons and remove the balloons from the balls. Then, take the hot-glue gun and the glue sticks and glue the string balls together to form a snowman.

Add a face and arms

Use the hot-glue gun to add the eyes and take some black yarn to add a smile if you would like. Roll the orange construction paper into a small cone and then glue it on the snowman face for a nose. If you want to have string balls for arms, glue the extra string balls on the side of the middle ball to make arms. You can also add a scarf or hat if you want.

Set up in your living space and enjoy the cute snowman!

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