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I love shoujo and romance animes, but sadly I find most female protagonists to be really alike.. many of them are fragile, sweet, girls with almost no opinions that keeps relying on men to save them. I am not like that and am not a fan of the idea of being a nice, quiet prop, so I can't relate to these character. Therefore whenever I see a super badass female protagonist I get pretty excited haha. This time I found princess Yona from Akatsuki no Yona".
The thing I like the most about her is the progress, the change she has made in order to protect the people she loves. She started as this spoiled clueless princess, and after the trauma she has been through, she decided to stand up and became an awesome and super brave girl, trying to make amends for the things her father did and help others. The thing is, even though she is not strong, even though she is a small woman and even though she truly is afraid, she stands up and fights, which makes her badass:) so.. who is YOUR favorite BADASS female character?
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I SO need season 2 in my life.