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This verse was meant especially for me, including the last part. Sense i got hurt, I have so often found that people whom i thought cared about me have not even thought to seek me out. Countless people have forgotten me. I even believed that God had forgotten me. But he spoke to me with this verse. May you also be blessed by this if you have been in a similar situation.
@MelissaMae I will tell you this you never will figure it out. You have to give it to him whole hearttedly. God will take care of you. Im sorry if I cant help more but hugs...
stay positive... the enemy tries to attach our brain when we are trying to be positive. I had a moment in the shower just today when I said Lord only you can help me because I cant on my own, I asked him to take captive all thought that were negative and self destructive. Its a daily decisión but you can do it. keep your head up.
Wow that's really powerful @MelissaMae. I'm glad that you found comfort in this verse. <3
@jazziejazz i dont understand you.
@jazziejazz no you can. i cant. if i could, i would have figured out how to do that by now.
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