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jin is very precious and sweet
and loves eating food and he'll stuff his face and wont care at all and if he gives you bite of his food your lucky cause i bet he dont share
when jin dressed up like this i was crying cause oml he looked good and how his butt looked yassss ♡♡ i mean i dont look at his butt psst psst
but jin is a good mom to the memebers he takes care of them and feel like if i got to meet him me and him would feel like brother and sister cause we both like video games and we like mario
and he has a really cute smile (not as cute as v) but its cute and everytime i see him smile i want to pinch his cheeks
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im glad you like it ♡♡ @Michelleibarra
Oh I loved this post, so many cute pictures of Jin and you wrote cute captions. Thank you for tagging me! :)
@thePinkPrincess Here's a great post you might like!
im glad you like and your welcome fir the tag @JingglyPuff