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Okay, I know y'all warned me about this but I'm on episode 11 and seriously cannot take anymore of this rollercoaster! I know it's a K-Drama so I expected lots of drama of course but there is ALWAYS something going on where Joon Pyo or Jan Di says "nope, I can't do this" and it's always a misunderstanding over something that I feel like they've already gotten over. I'm going to write a list of every obstacle in their relationship and I already know it's a lot because it's 26 episodes and I'm not even halfway done! There can't be this many obstacles in one relationship. I refuse. I'm just going to watch Ga Eul and Yi-jung because their storyline is cute and less problematic...or so I hope lol This drama is making a mess out of me 😭 @AlejandraRiao @kpopandkimchi @Kuramariin @heidichiesa @NSeanLaTour @russelroche47 @esmeraldagutirr @AlexandraReyes @xxMollxx @girlzrockpit98 @InnocentiaKishi @SHINee808 @LizaNightshade @ivyheart13 @AnnahiZaragoza @punkpandabear
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bof was the first drama I watched staying up the 20 something hours to watch it I was so mad at the ending
It defintely was a rollercoaster ride. Just embrace the ups and downs because that's the only way to get through it. This is one of the reasons why I haven't watched the other versions yet.
The way Ji Hoo keeps getting friend zoned pisses me off!
the other ones are better
I still don't get it between BOF relationship!! It's so confusing