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happy jin and happy ex jimin day💖💖💖💖💖

so sorry I put there card together I just got WiFi back but for jimin I drew 6 boxed on my stomach and said I have jimin abs lol for princess jin every though I'm not a pick person I but pink makeup and a pink outfit also i but pick dye in my hair the thinks use army do to show we love them
mom: what you want for Christmas me: umm u could not get it mom: what you want or u get nothing me: OK so the plan is we go to big hit when they practice then we take them for a day then we have the best time with them and bring them bake the next day cause I can't keep them armys well be very sad and I don't want that mom:what the f***k u talking about me: oh taking bts for a day is what I want for Christmas mom: get nothing
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