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Ok so this kakashi from naruto only shows like 25% of his face, and his sexy as shit! How is this possible! I wonder how many tears it would actually take to be able to bathe in someone's tears...... (Story imagining) (Terrible singing) This is why I stopped singing. Why dont Feminist call them self femenist if they really do stand for equal rights. Why does everyone pay attention to first world problems but not the important ones Then when it pays attention to other people's problems that's why everyone always tells us to mind our own business Then when we want to ignore them they get mad and say why aren't you helping us..... Countries sound like girlfriends. Or siblings I'm probably waisting a lot of water But so is someone else I'm hungry, I should get out. (Enjoys the water more) Ok ok....I'm really going to leave. (Stays) (Forces myself to turn off the water so I have to get out) Leaves
so sad
@CadoAngelus thats not well ok
Keep going till the hot water is gone lol