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Akame Ga Kill
The feels why do they have to do this to me just.. Why?
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the ending was 馃挬馃挬馃挬馃挬馃挬馃挬 pisses me off i swear but i was hit with the feels when lione died she could have gone to some underground hospital like damn dying eight hours later馃槩馃槀馃槩馃槀
Me while watching Akame Ga Kill: " Oh found my favorite character in Akame Ga Kill. Annnnnd... She died."
my favorite character WAS Rabac/Labac/Rabba HIS NAME IS SO DIFFICULT T-T and i cri everytime i see his picture
@NathanielMoanan I'm pretty sure Leone wanted to die. I mean, she was alive for about 2 hours and didn't get medical attention herself and then bleed to death. Nearly all her friends died, there was nothing anchoring her to this world.