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Today is Jin's day and him being him of course his day would be called, "Princess Day." I love Jin and I honestly relate to him on so many levels. Of course one of them being that we're both fabulous *does hair flip and hits a stranger in the process*
There are some great memes of Jin out there and props to whoever came up with some of these. He's awkward and adorable, therefore half of the memes you find aren't even memes, they're reality.
Let's just take a second to appreciate the fact that he seems so interested in whatever he's looking at here. Also, he looks great in black and white pictures (and every other picture setting out there he still looks great in)
Why is he so adorable?? Like I was never this cute and I never will be.
When God made this one, he was thinking of what you had to do to make a perfect dad(or mother). Because, let's be honest here, he can cook, he's entertaining, as far as I care he's talented, he's the awkward version of cool, he's extremely caring, and as long as his kid has his genes, either he or she will look great.
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