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I just started listening to these boys a few days ago. I can say that they literally rocked my world. They are so amazing such a great K-Pop group. They're so good that they almost beat Girls Generation, EXO, and BTS. They're most likely right next to them. I should probably tell you how I came to them. Well, I was on Instagram scrolling through my news feed when I saw a small video of a girl dancing. The song was really really really catchy and I went to her page. She had posted so many pictures of how Jeonghan was always getting seduced by the boys. So I looked up Jeonghan, it took me a while to actually find the group but I did. I clicked on their top song right now, Adore You. And listened to it. My favourite song right now tbh. I love these boys so much. And I've come to love them over the past couple of days that I've listened to them.
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So awesome. <3
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