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Okay brides, are you confident enough to rock the crop top bridal look? Kim Kardashian West has been sporting the crop top look for...awhile now...and she looks fantastic doing so. But what about for your big day? Here are a few bridal gowns to see how the crop top trend looks for brides.
Tal Kahlon Collection 2015
Riki Dalal from the Provence Collection
Reem Acra Fall 2015
Elizabeth Stuart
Haley Page
Mira Zwillinger Bridal 2015 Collection
Noah by Grace Loves Lace
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@marshalledgar I don't think you did. I think we simply have a miscommunication. :) I'm referring to the first photo in the second block of pictures. Not the very first photo, but the first in the Riki Dalal section. (The dress has a lacy top and the skirt is like a wrap skirt with the front open, which I Love. The model has her hand on the table. Just for clarity. Lol) I'm sorry for the confusion! πŸ’œ
OMG. I love these!!! I love love love that first Riki Dalal dress. πŸ’œ
right, okay. lol its still so early on Sunday @ButterflyBlu
Riki Dalal? Oops. Did I make a mistake? I credited the dress to Talk Kahlon @ButterflyBlu