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So I'm going to talk about creating characters, making there background, and then character development. Creating a character: So the first thing your going to need to do when creating a character is either A. Find a picture (just for reference perpuses) B. Draw a character (if you're into that.) I'm usually weird and find a picture and then think of a whole story line that can be going on just from that one pic. Then I get stumped on the conflict because I keep changing the story line, but that's a conversation for a different time. So you need to make a back ground for this character. Of course you have the obvious Name Height Age Likes Honestly you can go as in depth as you want to, but remember this is only for YOUR eyes. Don't make your first chapter posting your characters bios. I promise you I 100% of the time skip those. Why? Because the point of me reading the story is to get to know your character thought what happens. If I know everything about them in the beginning then why the hell am I reading? You keep reading to find answers to unanswered questions. If I know everything in the first chapter then to me the story is over. Instead make a chapter that describes what they do for their daily life. Example: -Keita- "Keita! Its time for school! My mother called as I walked around the corner. Dont remind me. I rolled my eyes as she was setting the breakfast on the table. Youre up early. I nodded, Finals are today. I studied all night and I know Im going to do well. I yawned, remembering all the memorization and quizzing and all the other crap I had to go through just to get past History. I knew more about the presidents than the presidents knew about themselves. I smiled at the bewildered look my mom plastered on her face. I wanted to do something nice for her; give her a good report card for once instead of all the suspension letters she usually sees in the mail. I wasnt a bad person. I dont sell drugs or anything. Its just that people get annoying sometimes. And when people get annoying, I have this weird syndrome where I beat the shit out of people that piss me off. You were studying for finals? She said in a tone that matched her face. I nodded again, Yeah I was, why? I asked and she quickly turned around as if I never said anything. Its nothing! I raised my eyebrow. Weird. But I decided to shake it off and start eating my breakfast. Before the silence could settle into the uncomfortable phase, my mom started her usual mom rants. So, Keita, you know that lady I was telling you about? I dropped the spoon to give her an understanding and caring expression. Yes! That lady! Diabolical fiend... Silly boy, she playfully smacked my head, Yes that lady. I seriously need your help this time. I sighed. Help. The signal word for ranting to me about her job while I say Uh-huh. I promise you, she is moving my stuff around trying to make me look unorganized. I dont know how she does it but she does. And you know if I have one thing out of line, that whole place is going to get on my tail. Ive tried my best to get th Mom, at least you have a jo Hold on Keita. Im not finished yet. Where was I? Oh yes, my boss! That man Keita, I have had it up to my p Oh no. Not the the boss. I pushed myself up from the breakfast table. Okay mom! Well thats messed up and everything but Ive got to go! I tried to escape her rant as I walked over to the door and she called after me. Keita, wait! I stopped, turning my head, still struggling to put on my shoes. Yes? I said. She walked over and hugged me, Im really proud of you. I know its been tough but Im so proud that youre not giving up. I blushed as she hugged me. Thanks mom. I said hugging her back. I love you too. ………………………………… So if I have (x^2+2x+4), I have to do this weird thing where I cut it in half. So its (x+2) (x-2)… I think. I hope at least. I tried to get my Math homework down as I walked to school. I looked on the back of the page and frowned. Theres a lot of things to cover. Nya~ I heard coming from ahead of me. Get lost cat! Go! Scatter! The old scraggy, cranky man from the fish market angrily croaked at the cat,trying to bat it down with a broomstick. The cat was small, about the size of a kitten. I forgot the math and dashed over to the place, picking up the cat before it could run off hungry. Sorry, sorry. This is my cat. I lied so he wouldnt yell at it anymore. Well, keep your cat in the house if it cant stay in the yard! Though I guess cats like that cant help getting into trouble, huh?! The man said, antipathy literally radiating from him. Sorry. I repeated, taking out my wallet. I handed him 15 dollars, Can I get some Minos please? He grunted before nodding his head and putting a bag of small fish in it and handing it to me. He went returned to the market, muttering sailor curses. The kitten was struggling a little bit before but had settled down. I continued walking towards school, occasionally giving the little fish to the kitten when it had finished the previous one. I need to name you. I said like it was going to reply. I lifted it up and looked at its butt. Its a girl. I muttered and the cat mewled at me. I gave her another fish carelessly, as a name was forming at the tip of my tongue. Star. I almos questioned my own reasoning behind naming a black cat Star. She didnt seem very unlucky to me. How could anything this sweet be considered bad luck? When I looked into her eyes, they seemed to hold the whole galaxy in them. Yeah, I like that name. Star. She meowed at me happily. Hey Keita! shouted an oddly familiar voice. I turned around, Kimi. I acknowledged and she smiled at me. Morning. The kitten had already gotten comfortable enough to where it started to lay on my shoulder.She smiled and I nodded. Yeah good She quickly reached for Star. Omg its so- she started but Star hissed at her, not wanting to be touched. Sorry. Shes still new to people. I found her on my way to school. Kimi pouted, Then why does she like you so well? I want her to like me too! I held out the bag of fish to her, I fed her. Kimi laughed, Yup, that makes sense. Thats the way into every womans heart. Star started to purr as she laid on me, one of the little fish still hanging out of her mouth. Shes so cute! Kimi squealed. What did you name her? I named her Star. I said and she smiled. Well its not what I would have picked but I guess you did alright. I raised my eyebrow at her, And what would you have picked Ms. Holy Name Picker? I said annoyed. Id pick Kiwi! She said excitedely, gushing at the thought of it. Yep, that was lame. Im glad I didnt ask you for help. Kimi growled at me, Is not- she started but she stopped herself. Someone had shouted from across the school campus we just reached. Hey, give it back! ~end~ What can you tell about Keita from that one chapter. He only has a mom Hes not very smart and fights first before thinking Hes always in trouble But hes kind and is helps even the smallest creature in need His best friend is a girl Etc etc Dont pile me with facts like my history teacher and expect me to care about this character who at the moment has given me no reason to. Also dont adapt your characters to how they make other people feel. If your character is an asshole and he was meant to be an asshole. Keep him that way. 1. Your character are the way they are because thats what your story requires! Example: Come on! She growled snatching my arm leaving my stuff there as she ran through the hallway and down the stairs to the exit that would take us behind the school. There was a girl with light blue hair and blue eyes. She was called the school angel for her Angel like voice and innocent like reputation. Jiro.... She breathed shocked as she Nanna pushed me hard making me almost fall before finding my balance and straightening up. Im going to have to remember to sneak one of my specimens into her food later today. J-Jiro here....this is for you. I looked at the little box of chocolates. I-i love you. S-so would you please be my valentine! She said making me cringe at the loud noise she made. I sighed. You dont love me. Your infatuated by my appearance, or maybe more of something of admiration, or even something as low as lust. I finally said. Her face was heating up. Jiro! You cant just say things like that! Jerk! Nanna yelled punching me in the back of the head. You know aggression is used for someone who cannot explain how they feel calmly, because they cant control their emotions. I said and Nana made a fist at me before Angelica spoke up again. Jiro, I dont know what you would think th- Easy....because the emotion love does not exist. Her eyes widened. Jiro st- Ill prove it to you! I dont know what girl hurt your heart, or what youve been through, but Ill find some way to prove it to you! I promise! She yelled before running off, and shook her head as the bell rang out first class being over. For someone whos so really are an idiot. Idiot? I scoffed walking back to class. Its not like I feel like Im right about everything, but I know Im right about this. Love doesnt exist. Theres no such thing as a soul mate or love at first sight. These are just made up scenarios. Thats why its so easy for someone to move on after there wife died or when they broke up with someone. You cant be sad about something being gone that was never there in the first place. Im the idiot? Theyre the ones who belies in something that doesnt exist. I mumbled. ~done~ Ive gotten a lot of people say that Jiro is a jerk for this scene, and he is, but thats what you call character development. 2. Dont bring characters back to life because it makes people upset Like when they tried to replace near with L. They thought it would make us feel better because hes similar to L but that just pissed us off more. Write your story, and write it the way you want to. Listen to suggestions, but dont feel obligated to change things because of what a few people say.