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Oh wow, that actually sounds really really good!! :D Slightly reminiscent of Scott Pilgrim :) @VinMcCarthy have you seen this? I know you like Scott Pilgrim, I feel like this could really be up your alley. @silrance no problem, thanks for sharing your work :)
@allobaber Jay Parker, a 16 year old teen who attends orange creek high school, falls head over heels for a transfer student named Tori, but little did he know, the entire school had dibs on her. Now he has to fends himself from bullies and other delinquents who forces him to exposed his powers. Not only he exposes these powers to the students, but to the principal and teachers who has are monitoring such individuals, coined, "E-SOL students". Jay Parker finds himself in a turmoil against protecting his identity from the girl of his dreams, his friends, and his own life.
Whoa, nice drawing! :D What's the story about??
@allobaber Hahah wow thanks so much and lmao it does?!! I never got a chance to see Scott pilgrim but I'll check it whenever I have the chance .. But check out my story if u want! I think you'll like it because it's pretty funny and thanks again... I just wanna show ppl something cool, that's all
@allobaber You can also read the synopsis on both links! And thanks so much for the comment btw :)
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