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My sisters getting her hair dyed and we were talking about getting a Christmas tree and I was saying I wanted to decorate it and my ignorant sister said "with what gay dragon I don't want gay dragon on our tree" I ignore her hatred of GD because I know deep inside she secretly loves him but anyway I then said idk who that is but I want GDragon and other ornaments on it and the hair stylist then says " What about T.O.P" and I had to ask again to make sure I heard correctly and of course containing my excitement I then agreed and said how brilliant it would be to have top on top of the tree😂😂😂 slowly but surely I'm finding kpoppers and I'm soo happy
that is so awesome! I need to where some kpop merch outside so I can attract more kpoppers... 😄
you are lucky
@NasihaOcasio lol I do that all the time never works well except when I went up north someone complimented my Chanyeol sweatshirt but down here it's soo hard to find people who know about Kpop let alone like it