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First off I have no clue what is in Deadpool's hand. It looks like he totally went out on Black Friday and made a visit to Home Depot. Second I don't know if I really want to know what his intention with that power drill in the bath tub with his mask on. Third The Watcher "watches" he is not going to stop him from whatever Deadpool is doing but If I was the watcher, I will be judging in my head yup still creepy Stay Frisky ♥ L A Von Dangerous You are going to get tired of seeing this but... ✨ L A Von York 's editors note : Remember comment on the post if you want your named removed! I respect everyone's Vingle Space so drop a line and say Un alive me from Deadpool's antics! Pow
deadpool got ant mans mask and got big were all doomed
He's trying to fix the tub while bathing. two birds one stone lol
well ever since he killed the entire marvel universe lol I'd keep an eye on him too...no matter how wierd it got
Yea I really don't like the watcher. not only is he super creepy but his face is so punchable
it looks like its a miniature of like a SHIELD carrier
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