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"Okay. I know I suck at keeping up with these things but this one is shorter so I think I will do better at it...Hopefully."
My Bias and Why? "Well....I can't choose a bias. At first my love went to the adorable maknae, I.M but then Jooheon said 'Excuse My Charisma' and I did a 360°. Then Wonho was all like 'Sweetie have you seen me yet?'. And then Kihyun was like 'Do you think I'm cute? Yes or No? Yes!! *squeals*' and then Minhyuk was like 'I wanna love you baby~~' and then Shownu just had to wear those tight ASS PANTS IN TRESSPASS!!!!!!!........and then Hyungwon was just being Hyungwon... so to save myself from the pain of choosing I would have to say Hyungwon-Shownu-I.M-Jooheon-Kihyun-Wonho-Minhyuk is my bias...... as simple as that."
@alekxb5 I'm glad you like it. I mean every word. they ruined my little fangirl heart.
your caption is life 😂😂👏👏👏 I totally agree with you
I know what you mean!!!! It was sooo hard to pick a bias at first!!!! D: Lol I'll do this challenge because they are my number 1 fav group!! Thank you for this!