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Would You Rather... #CrushProblems
Hey everybody! :)
As I said on Monday (in the first Couple of the Week card), I want to start introducing a few new regular features to the Love & Relationship community. So this is the next one to look out for!

Every Saturday, I'll be posting a new "Would You Rather?" or Community Poll for you to take part in.

Help me kick things off by sharing your opinion on the mind-bending WYR below!! Comment what you'd rather do, and feel free to discuss others' choices too :)

Would you rather:

...announce your crush in a speech to the entire school?

(If you're no longer in school, feel free to approach this from the standpoint of middle school you. ^_^)


...your crush catches you farting in public?

Okay, I apologize for this one hahaha, because it's pretty difficult... not gonna lie, I'm not sure which one I'd rather. Hmmm.

What do you guys think!??

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i have a fear of speaking in public and i wont fart unless im at home in my bathroom so i pick just tell ur crush ill be killing 2 birds with one stone
2 years ago·Reply
Tell my crush? shoot me! Fart? Never! so none!
2 years ago·Reply
I choose fart. If that blows my chances,there'll be other crushes
2 years ago·Reply
the speech definitely would get you bonus points. And if she says no someone else will probably be happy to pick up the slack
2 years ago·Reply
announce it in school. I don't go to school anymore but I think I matured enough to be able to just stand out there and tell her and care an out what other people think
2 years ago·Reply