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Hey everybody! :)
As I said on Monday (in the first Couple of the Week card), I want to start introducing a few new regular features to the Love & Relationship community. So this is the next one to look out for!

Every Saturday, I'll be posting a new "Would You Rather?" or Community Poll for you to take part in.

Help me kick things off by sharing your opinion on the mind-bending WYR below!! Comment what you'd rather do, and feel free to discuss others' choices too :)

Would you rather:

...announce your crush in a speech to the entire school?

(If you're no longer in school, feel free to approach this from the standpoint of middle school you. ^_^)


...your crush catches you farting in public?

Okay, I apologize for this one hahaha, because it's pretty difficult... not gonna lie, I'm not sure which one I'd rather. Hmmm.

What do you guys think!??

Hahahaha I feel like all the girls are saying announce it and all the guys are saying fart!!! 馃槀馃槀馃槀 @ButterflyBlu I do my best >:) hehehe. (I OWE YOU NEWS AHHHHHHH) @InPlainSight like Stacey, I DEFINITELY don't fart. Ever. I'm super ladylike. And if I did fart, it would be like... A small cloud of flower-scented glitter. Like a beautiful sir freshener. I don't poop, either. Obviously!! (@ButterflyBlu I think we need to hear some of those dancer horror stories...)
LOL. You're evil, my beautiful friend. All things considered, probably the speech. But let's be honest, dude's known me long enough to know pretty much anything there is to know, including whether or not I pass gas. Even though I constantly tell him and my son that ladies don't fart. Lmao (ohhh the dancer's horror stories I could tell... *shudder*)
I've caught my crush taking a dump at school before so I don't think she'd mind a fart all that much
@AlloBaber Fart, every time...we all do it, even you!
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