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Well, yesterday passed in a blur of way to much food, drinks, family craziness, more food, a food coma, making room for dessert, and finally, the deepest sleep of the year.
So now it is post Thanksgiving, and we are all on the same page emotionally.
Your stomach just feels like its grown in circumference. Can you even get off the couch, can you even fit though the door? The answer is No, so no need to even get up.
You keep laying down and kind of feel like this guy. Pretty at peace with life but also struggling to deal with your new found bulk.
You know you should be doing this in an attempt to work off at least the first serving of stuffing. Don't be a fool, it isn't gonna happen.
Because laying like this for the entire day after Thanksgiving is pretty much part of the celebration. Don't dead Thanksgiving just because you are feeling kind of bloated, its selfish.
And then of course, there is the constant reminder that while Thanksgiving is over, the left overs will last FOR DAYS.
Lmao, this is like obligatory Netflix day.