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Ahhh!!!! Happy Friday guys and to my fellow Americans (and anyone who celebrates Thanksgiving) I hope you had an awesome time with all the fabulous food you had!! My family decided to go to a Korean BBQ restaurant near where we live!!! But....aside from that lets continue with the next card of this its almost ending!!! To have only one ability as my favorite is quite hard.....
I will have to dedicate this card to my first (super long anime).....Naruto!!! Even though Naruto wasn't the first one I saw (that goes to Yu-Gi Oh) it was the first one where I felt like I bonded with the various characters.... There are many wonderful abilities used throughout the show....there were many that astounded me but sadly I have to choose I will have to give it to my girl HINATA HYUGA!!! I have been an avid fan of her since the beginning from the way she hides when she sees Naruto to her determination to become better using her family's jutsus....she is amazing and no one can make me say otherwise!! Apart from the Byakugan my favorite ability she uses is her Water needle! This was derived from its parent jutsu the Gentle Fist and she is the only user of it! This proves that she does have power and could easily decimate foes!!! She was only able to get at her level through hard work and help from those around her! I cant remember the first time she used it but its basically when Hinata concentrates her chakra she is able to make water vortexes appear around her and these vortexes shoot water! One of her lesser known techniques I wished she used it more times!!
Sorry for the bad quality and now I remember this scene heh... Tagging @VinMcCarthy @ArmyofKookie @CreeTheOtaku @Emealia
Hinata is the best she never gave up thanks to naruto and she kept going even though her family saw her as a failure and her self confidence grew and she became more bold because she watched naruto and admired him and had a crush on him which eventually turned into love. She's got strength and kindness and she's such an awesome strong female character. I hadn't heard of that water needle jutsu but I agree on the byakugan that's one power I'd love to have!
Ahhhh my bby hinata she's so awesome!
@ARMYStarlight Yeah during the flashbacks in the last and during the fight with pain I was very emotional
@CreeTheOtaku I kniw right @NikolasSatterwh Mademe tear up a bit and yeah i remembered this jutsu as i was looking for something to choose!