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Hi guys!! Time for another installment of Love & Relationship ~Would You Rather~! :D
I always love considering hypothetical situations for my future. So see if you can choose between these! >:)

Would you rather...

Situation A: You meet the love of your life, and they're a famous musician. You're passionately in love, but you can see them very rarely, due to circumstances that keep you at home while they're off touring the world. They also have millions of fans and tons of celebrities constantly vying for their affection. You can Skype and call and text as much as you want, but you only get to actually see each other like once every six months for the forseeable future.
Situation B: You meet the love of your life, and they're a murderer. They're perfectly sweet and wonderful to you, and you get to live together and have a totally normal life, except for the fact that every few months they sneak out of the house and brutally murder someone. It's one of their emotional needs, they tell you, and they need to do it in order to be happy and healthy. You don't ever have to witness their crimes, and there's no reason to believe they'll be caught any time soon.
So, in summary:

Famous musician you almost never get to see? Or kindly murderer you get to see all the time?

Mwahahahaha. Have fun with this one, kids ;D

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Murderer. I've had issues with distance in relationships before and I like to see the good in people.
2 years ago·Reply
I would choose murderer I am not good with the long distance thing.
2 years ago·Reply
Option three neither and stay single lol
2 years ago·Reply
Murderer. No competition ^.^ Then we can go on murderous rampages together ;^)
2 years ago·Reply