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Well I had planned on using Goku's Instant Transmission, buuttt I had to come to work and @Thatperson512 beat me to it. haha, So I decided to go with Piccolo's Increased Health and Body Regeneration instead. @VinMcCarthy
By the way, Piccolo is still a bad ass!
So he regains health a lot faster than most, similar to Wolverene but not as jacked up. But the part that makes up for it is that he can actually grow himself any new appendages he may need.
How awesome is that? Sure, its no teleportation but who wouldn't want to be able to have an arm chopped off and be able to grow it back.
Not to mention that damn near anything can happen and as long as your head is intact you can revive. So over all it makes one damn near impossible to kill, just don't let anyone in on the little head secret. Otherwise you're boned... hahaha
I had to work, haha.. managed to get a card in on lunch break.
Haha ya snooze ya lose ;) Never had a great love for piccolo. Lol
@nberry1620 Nice nice