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Howdy Love Bugs!! <3 Hope everybody's having a great weekend so far~
So I was talking to a friend recently who's really similar to me, in terms of our goals and dreams for our futures. We both really want to have fulfilling longterm careers, a successful marriage with a wonderful, loving partner, and to travel the world as much as possible.

But we differ MAJORLY on one big thing – whether or not we want to have kids.

I don't know if you can tell (lol... actually I'm totally willing to bet you can), but I'm definitely the maternal sort. I LOVE babies. Every time I see one, my ovaries freak out, and my brain starts whispering all sorts of crazy things like, "Pssstt, Alli! You need one of those ASAP!" It's actually kind of gross. Lol. I've just learned to accept it's the way I am. *sigh*
But it was just so interesting to me that, meanwhile, my friend who is SO similar to me in so many ways (personality, interests, goals) differs so extremely on this one point. She's actually very against having kids, for multiple reasons.
I wanted to see what my other Love Bugs had to say on the subject! So here's a little poll, so everyone can share their opinion and thoughts :)

Poll: Do you want to have kids someday? / Do you have them already? What are your thoughts on parenthood and how it enriches/detracts from your life as an individual?

Tagging the Love Bug brigade!! Looking forward to seeing what you all have to say! <3
And feel free to add your two cents, even if you weren't tagged!
Do I plan to bring a child into existence? No. I've seen too much in this lifetime, think too much & feel too much (empathetically). I would become a crazy person if it was my decision to physically bring a child to life. Lol. But my stepson will always be my stepson. Nothing has/will make me love him any less than a parent does a child. Sadly I can't say his biological mother has been a mother by any standard of the word in his life, and every child needs a mother. Yes, even though he's 16 now. :-) I totally consider adopting child/children from starting school age in a few years if I can build/maintain financial stability. Alternatively, also being a foster parent. Am in the Mum role every day at school when teaching anyway. Basically I'm saying my heart goes out to kids who are already here & through no fault of their own choice, lucked out on parents. I definitely have super strong instincts to care & nurture, just not to create & incubate my own. Lol. x do I put this? I love children but they come with too much of everything. I just don't love them enough to want them. The greatest thing to me is that my husband doesn't mind either way.
More than anything, I want to have a good marriage. And I want to be married for at least 5 years before even considering kids. Some days I want them, some days I don't. I am totally down for a dog though.
I told my grandma this: "The day that I have a child, is the day that I can be able to provide for him/her and not rely on my partner/husband for anything concerning the child. Meaning that I have a stable job and a stable home. If I get married and have a child, I don't want to beg my husband to give me money for our child. I will be independent but with my husband, I'll be his other half so he won't struggle to provide for us." Yeah that's what I told her cx hahaha these were my thoughts ^^
I don't want to have kids. I want to be able to focus on myself. I the amount of time I want to spend on my career and leisure doesn't leave any time left over to care for a child. And I'm not really even looking to get married anytime soon, and if I can't give the kid stability I really don't think having one would be a good idea even if I did want one. And kids are messy and expensive. I don't even want a dog. lol
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