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It's time to take Leicester seriously. They've left us no choice.

We're in for a real treat on Saturday at 12.30 ET, as it'll be 1 vs. 2 in the Barclays Premiership.

Would you have believed me two months ago that 1 vs. 2 would mean Leicester vs. United? No way!

But alas, that's the direction the season has taken.
Leicester have earned their place atop the table, with James Vardy scoring in 10 consecutive Premiership matches to set a new record. Midfielder Riyad Mahrez has been one of the most consistent players in the league so far and is making a real name for himself as a top, top midfielder.
Their form has been outstanding, but Leicester are now entering a difficult holiday season. They will truly be tested in the next few weeks as the pressure on them will grow. They're a young bunch, for the most part inexperienced with the huge pressure that comes with being league leaders, and this match will go a long way to telling us whether or not they are really up for the challenge.
United have seen their form go all over the place this season, and they frankly may be surprised to find themselves in the high position in the table that they currently enjoy.
It's been a rough season for new signing Memphis Depay, who has been heavily criticized for his performances. Manager Louis van Gaal and most especially aging striker Wayne Rooney have also been under fire of late, as United are in danger of missing out on Champions League knockout stage qualification and have been inconsistent in the Prem from day 1.
But drama aside, United have a great squad and they find themselves in 2nd due to their depth. While Rooney has been poor all season, Juan Mata continues to impress, as do youngsters Jesse Lingard and Anthony Martial. United will be hoping those players can carry them to an away win at the King Power.

My prediction

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think Leicester have it in them, at least for this week. They'll be playing at home behind a crowd that will cheer them on passionately and I think it'll be enough, especially after United played midweek in the Champions League (and played to a 0-0 draw, at that).

I'll say 3-1 to Leicester, with Vardy on the scoresheet again. Why not?

What do you say? Can Leicester continue their form?
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It's going to be a real test for them
@mchylang @havic they definitely have had an easy schedule to this point. But they have the momentum...
@jeff4122 but I mean they only have one loss and even looking at there schedule you should give them some credit
@jeff4122 I mean I would love to see Leicester take on ManUtd but.....I'm still going to go with ManUtd on this one!
@havic And I'm not saying that they had it all easy....but it's going to be a test for them whether they can face the big boys looking at their future schedule!