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Happy Jin day! He's the oldest but super cutesy! He's a princess with broad shoulders!

Jin is without a doubt the group's mom! He cares about them and makes sure they eat well. He keeps the dorm clean, too.

Seriously, tell me this doesn't look like an exhausted and frustrated mother!

But I think that one of the reasons, if not the main reason, he cooks food for them so often is because he LOVES food!

One thing I've noticed, is while most people try to look proper and neat when they eat if they are in front of a camera or in public...

He does not!

He shovels food into his mouth like he hasn't eaten in a month.

He stuffs his face without hesitation.

Yet he is still cute as hell! Like what?! Every girl in the world is seriously in envy over that!

Jin looks good as a bad boy too, not just being cute!

But his natural state is definitely an aegyo state!

Even in a bad boy outfit he does these types of things... he just can't resist his instincts.

Jin the cute little alpaca!

Our squishy, kiss lipped princess!

Real quick though before this ends, enjoy a clip of his beautiful freestyle dancing ^_^

Let's keep supporting our foodie princess! Because even though his confidence is through the roof he still likes support!