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Yes, I have a sexy playlist. Everyone should. It’s clutch for those moments when you need a little help feeling like the foxy lady (or foxy gentleman) you are. Or, you know, when there’s an occasion that calls for a certain mood-setting. Ahem.
These are my standbys. I really shouldn't be sharing them, because trust me – they're a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. You might find yourself feeling sexy in all kinds of inappropriate settings. They’ll transform an ordinary day into a sexy day, or an ordinary lunch into a sexy lunch. An ordinary visit to the aquarium into a sexy visit to the aquarium. You get the idea.
So with that in mind, please use this playlist wisely.

Now listen and learn, people!

1. Wicked Games – The Weeknd

2. Yayo – Lana Del Rey

3. Glory Box – Portishead

4. Go Slow – Haim

5. The Vapors – Jhene Aiko

6. Tessellate – alt-J

7. Drunk In Love – Beyoncé

8. Black Milk – Massive Attack

9. Climax – Usher

10. Lay Your Cards Out – POLIÇA

11. This Is What It Feels Like – Banks

12. Turning Into Stone – Phantogram

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the time for a few minutes and I x
really great stuff - massive attack is a nice touch.
Any playlist that has alt-j is an awesome one
Thanks y'all!! Portishead and Massive Attack – ugh. Kill me. They're sooo sexy. lol. @DustinAtkinson REALLY?!? I definitely don't think of Steven Perry as sexy!! Lol!!!
lol... @AlloBaber y'all? Have you gone all southern on us?