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So here's another member that is threatening my current top bias in BTS. Min Yoongi...Motionless Min...Suga. Hate to say it, Jimin, but I do have a sweet tooth!
Talented in his own right, Suga has helped write and produce more than one song on the BTS albums. He's another member that got his start in the underground before signing with Big Hit.
has a love for photography
and basketball (you don't need to be scared, Yoongi!)
and no Yoongi is complete without...zzzzzzzzz......lazy days are always nice
I can see why he got the name of Suga...his smile is just too sweet! But he is just too cute no matter his expression.
(and can I just say that I LOVE Suga's new concept pictures!)
so...one last thing...because I can't just choose one thing! I love all things about Suga!
again, feel free to tag ARMYs! or anyone else you may think will enjoy!
Sugar is my ultimate bias and he will always have is spot! I fell for Suga when I saw the video of him using his own money to buy gifts for A.R.M.Y.s that were coming to a meet and greet on his birthday. He took the time to hand write notes to put on all the gifts and when they ran out be when out and bought more to send to the A.R.M.Y.s that didn't get one.
I like his speaking voice a lot....it's soothing for some reason.
@thatoneoutcast yeah he's a bias wrecker for me, too. and I saw a gif for the 'infires?' after I posted this, or it would have been in here!
Awwww so awesome! Sugaaaaaaa! ❤️😆❤️
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