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(A/N) I'm still not finished with BTS, but I've done this one a while ago and had to take it down. I revised it and made it better. Luhan, Kris, and Tao will be included. Why? All three made me the person I am and if you don't like them, then just ignore it. Thank you. This has a TRIGGER WARNING. It has suicidal thoughts, but in the end gets saved. Anyways, don't say you haven't been warned. Read at your own consent. One more thing, the lyrics that I'm providing is 'Promise' by Exo and it's Chanyeols rap ft. Xiumin, Kai, and Sehun.
'The stars are so pretty, too bad this is the last time I'll see them' I thought. The rooftop provides a good view to see them. A suicidal girl and a roof top don't really go together but who's complaining right? I sigh as I looked at as many stars as I possibly could. I closed my eyes and thought of things that led me here. "Something like you with him? Ha. You're disgusting." "You can never do anything right!" "Just leave. No one wants you. That's why your dad left you." I sighed again. I looked at my phone and saw that it was 12 already. I suddenly remembered a song that has always been my favorite. I started singing/ rapping. Nae modeungeol bachilge Ne utneun geu moseubeul jikyeojugo sipeo Jikyeojugo sipeo Hangsang neol Yeah Eonjebuteoinji neon useodo uneun geotman gatasseo. Mam pyeonhi nal saranghaji mothago ddo Chueogeul ddeoollyeo geurieohae Jogeumeun nega antaggawo "Johajigeora ijhyeojil geora haneun wiro jochado" Neoreul dallaejul suga eobtgie ddo naneun bulanhae hae Ddeonaji malla neol butjabgo sipeo Imi igeon yagsok dwidollil suga eobtdanueun geol ara Hajiman na pyeongsaeng me gyeoteseo Sara sum swigo sipeo Cheoeumcheoreom haenbokhagil bireo Gomawo mianhae saranghae Nega name modeungeol da jwodo mojaral Nae saranga pyeongsaeng jikyeojulge Yeah naman ddaraomyeon dwae Eonjena geu jarie gidaryeojun Neo Du pallo gamssa I couldn't even go on because I was in tears again. I stood up and walked towards the edge, knowing this would all end tonight I looked up at the sky. Taking in the view one last time and I smiled. I don't want to leave this place looking sad, I at least want to look decent. I got up on the gargoyle that was on the edge and looked down. I've never been too fond of heights but it doesn't matter now, Nothing does. "I'm sorry" I mumbled and jumped. I closed my eyes but I wasn't falling. I looked back up and saw that a man was holding me by the shoulders, his expression showed sadness. He pulled me back up and I all I could think was why. Why did he catch me? "Why did you do stop me!? Everything could've--" I didn't even get to finish my sentence because the man hugged me a little too tight too. "Shh it's okay." He said with his deep voice, as he stroked my hair his voice sounding familiar... wait. Chanyeol!? After about what felt like an hour but was only 5 minutes he pulled away. As he did, I took the chance to speak up. " Why? Why did you save me?" "Because, you can't die like this! Who made you like this!? Who made you want to take your own life away? Who wanted to take you away from me!? Who made you want to leave me like this!? God damnit. You think you could just leave me like this? Just jump out of this world? Don't you know that my world will be hell without you? Don't you know that you're my fucking world?" "Chanyeol, I'm not importan-" "Shut up! You mean the world to me! You're special to me because I'm in love with you. Why?... Why end your life like this?" He fell to his knees sobbing. I felt speechless as he kept sobbing. He's... in love... with me?.. I fell in love with him long ago and now having him confess to me, gives me mixed emotions of sadness and happiness. I now feel like poop for trying this. I crouched down to his level and took him into my embrace, tears spilling out of me again. He looked up at me, even though it is dark, I can see the adoration he's sending me. His arms then wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer to him. "I love you and please... don't ever leave me. I need you in my life because without you, I'm nothing." he said. "I love you too, and I will never leave you." I said with a small smile. "Promise?" He asked as he stretched out his pinky. I giggled and took out my pinky and intertwined it with his. "Promise." He looked into my eyes, then my lips, then my eyes again. His right hand went to the back of my neck, and he pulled my face closer to his and our lips met. This night might not have had a good beginning, but it had the best ending I could ever ask for.
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