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Hello Everyone!!

Calling out all Monbebes and Non-Monbebes!! I have commited to the Monsta X Challenge down below! You are welcome to take this challenge as well!
This wonderful Monsta X challenge was started by @ILikeHisFace123 and attached HERE is her card! Go Check It Out and Show Some Love!! I've decided to take on this challenge because not a lot of people know about Monsta X or honestly I don't know a lot of Monbebes. Where are all the Monbebes at?? lol Or who wants to become a Monbebe? :) Anyways, Hope you enjoy my answers and please tag me on your Monsta X stuff and I'll be sure to show some love!

*#GUN's face in the top picture haha*

DAY 1 x My Bias and why

For most of us it's very hard to just pick one bias for this group!! They all know how to win a person's heart! So, for me I have 2 biases in this group but one is trying so hard to be in there as well! 1st. Shownu - I mean who would hate this handsome dork! He's such an amazing leader and such a great inspiration of his career path he has taken. Most of you don't know but he actually was a trainnie at JYP and was suppose to debut with GOT7 but things in life led him to change companies and go with Starship. From being a Rain fan to becoming a backup dancer to becoming an idol. 2nd. Hyungwon - I mean how can I not pick this guy?? He's handsome, he's such a dork, and have you seen him as a vampire?? Yeah... he just has that spark that makes you fall for him.
Aaah weird!!! but exciting lol @Meeshell @ARMYStarlight Cali Represent! ♡
🙋 here! just they have me soo confused!! at first minkyuk brought me in with his cute laugh during the auditions and then trespass came out hyungwon caught my eyes with those lips 😍 and then rush wonho and then kihyun with his part in hero.. needless to say idk who is my bias yet 😢
Oh I am in Cali too YAY SAME STATE @ARMYStarlight @AnnahiZaragoza!!!
Aaaahhh Fangirls so hard with both of you!!! @Meeshell@AimeeH
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