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For those of you who don't know, the High Line is one of Manhattan's oldest overhead railroads. Just a few years ago, that railroad was converted into a park above the busy streets of Manhattan– imagine a floating park. Full of architectural genius and a specific collection of greenery, the High Line is really just full of surprises. Every corner yields something new; whether it be a new ramp, an artist's work, a local NYC apartment building, or a breathtaking view of Manhattan, the HIgh Line has become one of NYC's biggest tourist attractions and a trademark for downtown's West Village. What I love about the High Line is the change in atmosphere with the change in season. Early spring, late winter (although it feels fully winter) means freezing and complaining tourists, a little less traffic, dull brick, and just a few surprises of plantation... a lot like the blossoms I pictured here. I will have more High Line for you over the next few weeks :)
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