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Jin oppa!!! ( I like calling him oppa even though I'm older than him lol) This guy is my bias wrecker. Even though he is cocky/confident in his looks he is still the sweetest guy ever!
He so handsome and awkward. I can't even explain why he's just perfect!!!
This princess is just adorable but goes to sexy/ hot real fast.
This is exactly what my emotions were like when I saw these pictures of him. lol that wink....
That's all I can say....I love this princess!!! But he needs to stay in his lane lol. I hope everyone is enjoying the Friday as well as those that get to be at the BTS concert I'm so jealous of you at this moment! :)
everyone should have this level of confidence!!!
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@PrettieeEmm yes!!!! most people don't.... I hope some of his confidence rubs off on me lol
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@SarahVanDorn I act like that sometimes but my family are jerks lol
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