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amazing drama ^_^ ended so well also :D comedy/romance 9/10 "my name is Kim Sam soon"
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omg what is this about? the picture is hilarious!
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@kpopandkimchi Whoa! Hold the phone, have you not seen My Lovely Sam Soon?
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I feel like such an outcast with this drama because I wanted to like it so bad but didn't. @kpopandkimchi basically a slightly bigger woman (overweight in Korea) chef and a chaebol rich younger confident guy with a restaurant. But it's so much more than that. It's like a classic. I marathoned. It's good just for meeting...is his name Daniel Henney? A drama where English is readily spoken and not butchered lol.
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omg! i love this one, too @CandaceJordan...can't believe @kpopandkimchi hadn't seen this!!!!
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@Kamiamon Yeah. This is one of my favorites.
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