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hmm don't know anything about this so let's see ^_^ they acted together in "kill me'heal me " so it must be good!
Just forewarning, if you're at all like me and hate pain and misery, just know it REALLY picks up at episode 7. It's so worth getting through all that.
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@t1m3l3ssg4l4xy yes I know I'm on episode 13 lol amazing drama! they act so well together even on kill me heal me!
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Yesssssss. I marathoned it. I actually prefer them in this one. They made my favorite OTP list.
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@t1m3l3ssg4l4xy I agree also because on this one he's so forceful and she serious and depressed which makes it awesome the other was more of a comedy which was great but ehh I like the seriousness ^_^
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