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1. What is your favorite anime?
Fairy tail is definitely my favorite anime. the bonds between the characters are amazing and I love feeling like I'm part of their family. It really makes you feel and I can't help crying along with the characters. It's truly a great anime, and one of the best. 2. What is the first anime you ever watched?
Sword Art Online is the first anime I ever watched. I watched an episode with my sister one day and she said it was really good so I decided to watch it and it sparked my love for anime and I loved the anime. 3. What's your favorite anime character(s):
Natsu Dragneel (fairy tail) , Makoto Tachibana (free!) , Tobio Kageyama (haikyuu) , Youichi Kuramochi (daiya no ace) , Masato Hijirikawa (uta no prince sama) , Ittoki Otoya (uta no prince sama) , Jellal Fernandes (fairy tail) , Gray Fullbuster (fairy tail) , Kakashi Hatake (naruto) and Kazuma (noragami)!! And many more but there's just not enough room to put them all! 4. What anime would you want to live in?
I'd want to live in Fairy Tail's or Naruto's world. I couldn't choose between the two of them because I really want to be a dragon slayer but at the same time being ninja with all kinds of cool jutsu would also be super cool! So I decided on both of them. 5. What anime relates most to you?
Once again I'm going to have to go with fairy tail, their bond is unbreakable and they are so strong. Their outlook on life and their family is something I can relate to. I'm in marching band at our high school and with over 300 members I still feel like they are my family. So, much like fairy tail they are my Nakama and I would do anything to protect them and they would absolutely do the same. 6. Why do you like anime?
I love anime because I can relate to the characters and their stories. They pull you in and make everything so believable, even though some of the things they do may never be possible. Anime is an escape for me, and I can just forget about all the problems I may have. 7. 20 animes I've watched
1. Sword art online 2. blue exorcist 3. fairy tail 4. Tokyo ghoul 5. prison school 6. my little monster 7. haikyuu 8. free 9. daiya no ace 10. attack on titan 11. akame ga kill 12. black bullet 13. noragami 14 fate/stay night 15. uta no prince sama 16. God eater 17. yona of the dawn 18. soul eater 19. ouran high school host club. 20. K project
This quiz is hard. It's really hard to choose favorites when it comes to anime.
1Fairy tail, 2Pokemon, 3Natsu, Erza Lucy, laxus, Gajeel, juvia, gray and levy from ft and tomoe kamisama kiss naruto, 4fairy tail and then naruto 5. Fairy tail 6. It taught me not to give up hope and to believe that there's more to life than can see the eye. High school DXD, kamisama kiss, naruto, code: breaker, soul eater, toradora, winx club, Pokemon, fairy tail, noragami, noragomi aragato, samurai girls, attack on titans, golden time, say I love u, yamada's anime which I forgot, etc
1. fav: noragami 2. first: naruto 3. character: yato (noragami) 4. live: noragami 5. relatable: naruto 6. why: bc half the time im laughing and tbh the other half im crying 7. im just going to list four bc lol no time to list 20: death note, noragami, naruto, ouran high school host club 馃槀
1. Sword Art Online 2. Sekirei 3. So many...but all I can say is, every swordsman/swordswoman known to anime history 4. Sword Art Online, Highschool DxD, or Fairy Tail 5. Fairy tail (same reasons as post) 6. In all honesty, life as it is now is boring. As selfish as it is, I'd sacrifice everything to let everybody be in the anime's they wanna be in. Even if I don't get to be in one. 20 Anime shows: Sword Art Online Blue exorcist Akame Ga Kill Fairy Tail Fate/Stay Night Full Metal Alchemist Attack On Titan Deadman Wonderland Tokyo Ghoul Mirai Nikki Black Butler Another Highschool DxD Dangan Ronpa Parasyte To Love-Ru Sekirei Kill la Kill Gurren Lagann Soul Eater
Favorite anime : fairy tail First watched anime : sword art online Favorite anime character : Natsu Anime to live in : fairy tail Anime that relates to me : fairy tail , Why I love anime : the character relate to me and if would be fun and amazing to live there ! 20 anime shows I watched : Sword art online Fairy tail Devil part timer Soul eater K project Ouran high school host club Black butler Phycho pass Seven deadly sins Red data girl Durarara Expelled from paradise Bayblade metal fusion Digimon fusion Death note Rasario + vampire Gargantia Fate Harlock space pirate Vampire knight Lagrange Modoka magic
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